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Wish list

september 4, 2017
Wish list

We’ve made a wish list for our future container house; the children’s wishes included. We need 4 bedrooms with showers, a kitchen, living room, a seperate office, storage, a separate toilet, … . It would be nice to have a wellness space, a leisure space for the children, an extra guests room … .

As you can see, from the start we make the difference between ‘need to haves’ and ‘nice to haves’.
At the end, we’ve picked out the three most important/unmissable things and pointed them out as ‘essentials’. These are the key elements in the new house. 1: our kitchen must be handy and big enough for the whole family to cook together. 2. we need a large outdoor area for longboarding. 3. A seperate office.

Make a checklist for your future house

Start from ‘activities’ in stead of ‘rooms/spaces’. Think about every activity you and your family would (like to) do in the future house: cooking, playing playstation/ Wii, gardening, cleaning, … . Write them all down, so you don’t forget any. Then think about the rooms. What activity in what room/place.
Make a difference between must haves and nice to haves.

Continue to follow our blog. We’ll give you a checklist to download later on.

The essentials

Be aware that the architect has restrictions (construction conditions, budget, possibilities, …). He will surely have to cross out some of your wishes. That’s why you need to think about the essentials in advance. What is really really necessary in the new house, what can’t be missed/can’t be crossed out? Choose maximum 3 essentials.

And what about the look and feel of the house?

How do you want your house to look like? Did you already think about that? Write your ideas down, make a sketch with pen and paper or make your own 3D drawing online. For this you have several programmes to try out: SketchUP (free), Myfloorplanner.com (the 3D options are limited), mydeco.com, 3D Huis en Tuin (not for free), Super architect 3D.

But again, leave creativity space for the architect. It’s his job and he can come up with great ideas. Let yourself be surprised when you get the plans!